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3 out of 10 of the lower mainland’s worst intersections are in Burnaby

According to ICBC’s January 2017 report, 3 of 10 top intersections with most car crashes are located in Burnaby.

burnaby intersections

They have done substantial work to the Willingdon on and off ramps over the past few years, but since the data was as of June 30th 2016, it looks like it hasn’t been quite enough.

Boundary and Grandview is tough to navigate and always has been.

Could it be time that Burnaby City Council start looking at planning or putting together a Traffic Congestion plan similar to that of the City of Vancouver’s?

According to the City of Burnaby, our traffic plan is over 20 years old. Any of us who have lived in Burnaby have noticed the change in traffic patterns and congestion in this city in the past few years, let alone the past 20 years.

Consultation started on August 1st 2017 according to the website. Stay tuned for updates…

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