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How will the NDP recover the lost bridge tolls starting September 1st 2017?

As per my post yesterday, the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges were both well under projected revenue since their over-budgeted implementations.

Rumours are circulating all over Facebook of people stating multiple possibilities of a “recoup” of revenue form the loss of the tolls.

Those speculations range from things like adding a new tax to our gas in the Greater Vancouver area or possibly “taxing” us through ICBC’s insurance program and charge us based on how far we drive to and from work.

Both of the above, and every speculation in between will come with some aggravated drivers in the lower mainland for sure.

But what have the NDP said?

Horgan has said that the remaining 135 million dollars from the Port Mann bridge expansion will be transferred to the Provincial Budget. Interestingly, the Green Party who currently holds the “balance of power” provincially has called the removal of tolls a reckless move (See Weaver’s comments here).

The British Columbia Finance Minister has confirmed that the Liberals left the NDP with a 2.7 Billion dollar surplus. Could some of that surplus could be allocated to the bridge projects?

Horgan hasn’t confirmed whether or not their government is looking into Road Pricing. ┬áRoad Pricing is defined as “the practice of charging motorists for the use of busy roads at certain times, especially to relieve congestion in urban areas.”

I have mentioned previously that the Port Mann bridge especially could have implemented tolling on Highway 1 as the infrastructure that was implemented was far more than just the bridge itself and surely commuters and businesses are benefiting from the lane expansion both before and after the bridge.

Image source: CBC.ca

For more on surplus:

British Columbia ends 2016-17 fiscal year with $2.7 billion surplus


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