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Port Mann & Golden Ears Bridge Tolls

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Today, August 25th 2017 the newly elected John Horgan (NDP) announced that the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridge tolls will be removed. Exact details are still to come…

Many commuters were introduced to a new “tax” in 2012 when the Port Mann bridge opened up and the $1.50 tolls (each way) were implemented. (See article – BC Gov News). It’s equivalent to an additional car insurance payment per month for some. In 2015 CTV’s John Woodward reported that the Port Mann & Golden Ears bridges were losing roughly 120 Million dollars a year.  In my opinion, the government almost acted as if both of these bridges were “experiments” for implementation and change in infrastructure to the George Massey Tunnel. You can view the Government’s transparency on that project here.  However, a lot could have been learned from the Coquihalla bridge tolls. It took 22 years to generate the $848 Million according to CBC before Gordon Campbell removed the tolls. That’s compared to the 2.46 Billion dollars estimated it cost to build the new Port Mann and the 808 Million dollars it took to make the Golden Ears. Both over budget. Some say it would be impossible to ever generate enough revenue from tolls to pay off the Golden Ears bridge based on the numbers that cross it. released some across-Canada information on bridge and road tolling. (some of these numbers might have changed, but I have c  onfirmed the Golden Ears and Port Mann bridge tolls).

Toll Location Passenger Vehicle Cost One Way Passenger Vehicle Cost One Way With Pass
Halifax Harbour $1.00 $0.80
Serge-Marcil Bridge (Quebec) $1.50 $1.50
Oliver Charbonneau Bridge (Quebec) $7.40 $2.40
Golden Ears Bridge (BC) $4.40 $3.15
Port Mann Bridge $3.15 + $2.40 per trip $3.15

What will be interesting to see is how the government handles it’s current TREO employees who are currently managing both of the tolls and processing of the payments.


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