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Local City Politics Are Changing thanks to candidates like Mary Jean Dunsdon

Facebook is being flooded by advertisements for “Sensible Vancouver”‘s candidate Mary Jean Dunsdon in the upcoming bi-election for City Council in Vancouver (October 14th 2017)

She is a self proclaimed pot advocate, a model, and Vancouver Entrepreneur,and in my opinio it is refreshing to see someone utilizing social media the way her campaign is running. I may not agree with her politics, but what she is proving is that younger generations are interested in getting into the political debate and discussion. She’s promoting key campaign points in her bid for Vancouver City Council like Vaping, Marijuana, Uber, Free Transit, Affordable Housing and many other subjects that are particularly important to the Millenials of Vancouver who are struggling to survive among some of the highest rent rates in the country.

Pro Pot politicians aren’t new. Jodie Emery has been running consistently (without success) for quite some time, but what I have noticed about Dunsdon’s campaign is that she is promoting the rest of her ideology just as much as her stance on legalizing marijuana and the importance of the businesses (like hers) in the community. She hasn’t put on her horse blinders and said things similar to Marc Emery when he stated that he didn’t care about anyone’s position on any political matter other than their opinion on legalization (while supporting his Wife Jodie running for the Liberal nomination I saw a video where he stated this that I can’t seem to find online now, but am leaving on this post as I heard him say it). Back to Dunsdon – ┬áIn my opinion this is a clear situation where an entrepreneur realized that upcoming legislation in her own city was going to drastically impact her business’s profit; so she decided to run aiming to change that. I don’t say that as a negative thing, when you feel like politics are headed in the wrong direction it’s important to jump in.

I won’t go point for point through her campaign positions, as they are quite “sensible”. Though I don’t necessarily agree with how she plans on executing all of them at tax payer’s expense. They are left leaning, with an emphasis on helping those in poverty and those struggling with things like addiction. In my opinion, Mental Health is definitely something I’d like to see the city of Vancouver start tackling rather than investing so much money into bicycle lanes.

What’s most interesting about Mary Jean Dunsdon’s campaign is that they are in no way trying to shelter, or hide her past.

Like this image that sits right on her campaign website [censored for my site, you can see the full version on hers] (votewatermelon.ca):

Also , a little digging into public court documents shows that she is no stranger to the criminal code, or our criminal justice system. She has faced multiple charges of possession in the past. Though they were processed as trafficking, it was most likely related to her activism.

Still it is fascinating to me that those who may have troubled, or not so “cut and dry” or “silver spoon type” pasts are able to publicly run for office and those areas of their pasts are subject to much scrutiny. What matters most to those commenting on social media (both negative and positive) are her political viewpoints and ideology.

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