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City of Burnaby Vs Province Of Saskatchewan

The City of Burnaby has been in the spotlight in recent days due to, only commentary, by the City of Burnaby’s lawyers and the Province of Saskatchewan’s Attorney General Don Morgan. It all has to do with the timeline of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project. (The Pipeline). Here’s what went down. In a November 3rd edition of the Regina Leader,…

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Local City Politics Are Changing thanks to candidates like Mary Jean Dunsdon

Facebook is being flooded by advertisements for “Sensible Vancouver”‘s candidate Mary Jean Dunsdon in the upcoming bi-election for City Council in Vancouver (October 14th 2017) She is a self proclaimed pot advocate, a model, and Vancouver Entrepreneur,and in my opinio it is refreshing to see someone utilizing social media the way her campaign is running. I may not agree with…

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Federal Politics

My take on Canada’s Ban On Baby Walkers

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a child at the age that would even entertain a “baby walker”, but I recently saw a quote posted on Facebook by Tim Moen, the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, where he stated that he is going to end the ban on them. So I ofcourse started researching the legislation and reasoning.…

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Burnaby South Arena – Feedback

Burnaby City Council and Burnaby Parks and Recreation held a public forum on September 14th to discuss the plans for the Burnaby South Arena with the public. Whether you attended or not you now have the opportunity to provide your feedback and should do so if you are a Burnaby resident. You can find the survey here: https://www.burnaby.ca/Things-To-Do/Community-Centres/South-Burnaby-Arena-Feedback-Survey.html  For more information:…

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Surrey – Hawthorne Park Roadway

Disclaimer – I occasionally write about other municipalities, communities and towns\cities council decisions as I find the decisions and process interesting. I also think its important for us to understand all of the surrounding cities and decisions that are being made. David Suzuki attended a protest at Hawthorne Park in Surrey on September 16th as city council plans to move…

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Burnaby To Get Methadone Clinic

Fraser Health announced that in September & October 2017 it would be opening Opioid Addiction treatment clinics in 5 cities. Burnaby has been included in the list of cities that will be getting a new clinic. These clinics will provide methadone and suboxone to addicts to assist them in minimizing their addiction to illegal substances. Fraser Health has yet to…

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How will the NDP recover the lost bridge tolls starting September 1st 2017?

As per my post yesterday, the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges were both well under projected revenue since their over-budgeted implementations. Rumours are circulating all over Facebook of people stating multiple possibilities of a “recoup” of revenue form the loss of the tolls. Those speculations range from things like adding a new tax to our gas in the Greater…

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Provincial Politics

Port Mann & Golden Ears Bridge Tolls

Today, August 25th 2017 the newly elected John Horgan (NDP) announced that the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridge tolls will be removed. Exact details are still to come… Many commuters were introduced to a new “tax” in 2012 when the Port Mann bridge opened up and the $1.50 tolls (each way) were implemented. (See article – BC Gov News). It’s…

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